Softavion Express Hotelier

Softavion Express Hotelier is complete Hotel Management System, designed to empower productivity performance for full service Hotel & Hospitality Enterprise Operations. It is built around the most contemporary technologies, for properties looking at integrating entire operations. It is a comprehensive system with the capability to address all the computing needs of a modern hotel or resort.

It can be used at Hotel, Motel, Resorts, Vacation Rental Companies, Condo-Hotels, Timeshare Resorts, Private Residence Clubs, Camp ground resorts, convention halls and so on.

Modules & Features

  • Front Office
  • Online Room Bookig
  • Banquets Management
  • Financial Accounting
  • House Keeping
  • Sales & Marketing Management
  • Restaurant Management
  • Store Management
Softavion Express Hotelier
Softavion Express Hotelier