Point of Sell (POS)

In the retail business, a good point of sale system is one of your biggest assets. If it works as advertised, it’ll be a lot like having your own team of experts working behind the scenes, making sure everything’s moving along quickly and efficiently. To remain on top in today’s highly competitive retail landscape, you need a POS system to help you run your business the right way here’s why.

  • It can save you time
  • Speed up the checkout process
  • Faster payroll processing – The system will automatically compute payroll and can even print out a pay slip for your employees. No more logging in manually.
  • Speed up Inventory management – With a built-in inventory and barcode scanning system, you won’t have to rifle through many options when ringing up a sale. It’s automatically deducted from your current inventory, so you won’t have to manually do it.
  • Unbiased employee attendance monitoring – Monitor your employee’s attendance within the program and see who’s coming in early and who’s slacking off.
  • Up to date customer information – You can email receipts to your customers, so updating their information has never been easier. You can also send them emails on sales and specials.
  • Discounts and freebies can easily be managed for loyal customers.
  • Take your POS system with you anywhere you go by enabling it on a Mobile. Useful for outdoor events and trade fairs. Attach a credit card reader on an iPad or iPhone based POS system and you’re now ready to take payments anywhere your customers are.
  • No more writing down orders and counting inventory manually.