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The essential message we wish to convey to future clients and friends is this: Our mobile app developers and designers are terrific. They can design and program any kind of software applications for smart phones, iPads and other mobile devices that you might need. If you need to develop one we would love the opportunity to show you what we can do.

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The popularity of smartphones and tablet devices is staggering. It seems as if Mobile app programming has become a dominant force in the programming world almost overnight. Amazing as it may seem there are more users of third party mobile applications than there are desktop computers. App development companies are popping up every day. It is a whole new world.

In the Bangladesh, where SOFTAVION does all of its Custom Mobile Programming , even the poorest people in the most remote provinces have cell phones and in looking at them they walk right into you on the crowded streets. And a growing percentage of these are smart phones. Moreover they are almost always near at hand. According to a Strategy Analytics estimate there were a billion smartphones in existence in October 2012 and that the number will double by 2015. Moreover Strategy Analytics Executive Director Neil Mawston maintains that “Smartphone penetration is still relatively low” when the potential in China, India and Africa is considered.

According to this article the number of mobiles in use is expected to reach 10 billion in 2016 – more than one per person (!)- and according to IHS iSuppli Wireless Communications Market Tracker Report smartphones will represent 67.4% of the total cellphone market in that not-so-far-off year.

Estimates like those above (which are not quite in sync – 2 billion in 2015, 6.7 billion in 2016?) do not have to be taken as gospel in order to realize that something new is truly taking place. In return for a relatively small investment a mobile app developer in, say, Ridley Park, PA (my home town) will have the ability to market directly to most of the people in the world. It does not take much imagination to reflect on the rise and fall of businesses and even languages in such a world.